Analytical Resources Core (ARC)

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Overview of Services

The Analytical Resources CORE (ARC) is an Institutional CORE at Colorado State University administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). Our mission is to offer instrument capabilities and expertise that exceed the normal resources on individual research programs, and to make those technologies available as a shared resource. We strive to provide an environment that is rich in expertise and educational resources and to foster collaboration across the CSU community and beyond. 

The ARC is organized into 8 laboratories, each offering a complement of sophisticated instruments, services and technical expertise to support faculty/student research, and industrial and educational outreach in the following categories:

  • Materials Analysis (Thermal, Magnetic and Physical Properties)
  • Mass Spectrometry (metabolomics, proteomics, ionomics, macro/small molecule characterization, Biotyper)
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (400-500MHz solution NMR, EPR)
  • Optical Spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence, DLS)
  • X-ray Diffraction and Scattering (single crystal XRD, powder & thin film XRD, XRR, GAXRD, SAXS/WAXS)
  • Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM, sample prep)
  • Light Microscopy (Confocal, Vectra Polaris)
  • Surface Analysis (XPS, contact angle goniometer, profilometer)

The instruments are available for use by researchers at CSU, our collaborators and external customers after appropriate review. Most instruments are available on a self-service basis twenty-four hours per day after appropriate classes or training provided by faculty and staff associated with the ARC. Full service is offered on all instruments.


Karolien Denef

ARC Director | Center Director Materials and Molecular Analysis (MMA)

Cathy Griffin ARC Business Manager 970-491-4380
Corey Broeckling Center Director Bioanalysis and Omics (BIO) 970-491-2273

Stay Informed!

If you would like to stay informed of new instrumentation, expertise, personnel and educational opportunities (workshops/seminars/...) in the ARC, please subscribe to our arc mailing list


 Acknowledgment of facility contributions is expected in publications that include any data generated in the facility. Please cite us by our Research Resource ID (RRID: SCR_021758).
An example of an appropriate acknowledgment is “The authors wish to thank the Analytical Resources Core (RRID: SCR_021758) at Colorado State University for instrument access, training and assistance with sample analysis”. 

Links and Resources



Name Role Phone Email Location
Cathy Griffin
iLab & Finances
Indrani Bhowmick
Materials Analysis & Spectroscopy
Chemistry C1B
Claudia Boot
Mass Spectrometry
Chemistry C1A
Corey Broeckling
Mass Spectrometry
Microbiology C129
Roy Geiss
Yates 101A
Michele Mailhot
Chemistry C1E
Rebecca Miller
Surface Analysis & Electron Microscopy
Chemistry C1B
Kitty Brown
Proteomics Mass Spectrometry
970-491-0424 (ext. 8)
Microbiology C121
Brian Newell
X-ray Diffraction and Scattering
Chemistry C1D
Alyssa Winter May
MALDI Mass Spectrometry
Chemistry C3E
Linxing Yao
Metabolomics Mass Spectrometry
Microbiology C123





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