Experimental Pathology Facility (EPF)

Overview of Services

iLabs will be implemented in the EPF for oversight of instrumentation use including a digital scanning microscope, automated immunostainer, and  the use of image analysis software. The goal of the Experimental Pathology Facility is to provide expertise in anatomic and clinical pathology – in the form of service, teaching, and consultation – for researchers studying animal models of human and veterinary diseases, both within Colorado State University and at outside institutions. The EPF offers both histology and bioanalytical pathology services through existing laboratories in the Diagnostic Medicine Center. Anatomic pathology and histology services focus on preparation of tissue specimens for histopathological review, such as paraffin block embedding, microtome sectioning, automated H&E staining and coverslipping instruments, and a multitude of histochemical staining options. Clinical pathology services include hematology (complete blood count and coagulation testing), bench chemistry (urinalysis, immunohematology, fluid analysis), automated serum chemistry (diagnostic panels and blood gas analysis), and cytology (fine needle aspirates and impression smears). Both sections offer professional interpretation services by pathologists, either by the EPF Directors or other pathology faculty members. In parallel with these fundamental services, current EPF instrumentation for digital microscopy, image analysis, and automated target detection in cells/tissues provide researchers with options for development and implementation of immunological detection methods. These latter techniques include immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, with validation and interpretation by a pathologist.


Mac Harris Assistant Professor Co-Director 970-297-3748 mac.harris@colostate.edu
Kelly Santangelo Associate Professor Co-Director 970-491-5015 Kelly.Santangelo@colostate.edu

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9AM - 5PM  

2450 Gillette Drive DMC140

1644 Campus Delivery

Ft Collins, CO 80524

Links and Resources

  1. www.epf.colostate.edu


Name Role Phone Email Location
Laura Ashton
Research Technician
Diagnostic Medicine Center Room140