Overview of Services

The mission of SAMDCore is to enhance and accelerate collaboration, innovation, and outstanding achievement in materials research, education and scholarship through the provision of open-access shared research infrastructure, state-of-the-art research tools, training expertise, and the promotion of a discovery-minded culture.


For all new users to our Core: Please request to join the SAMDCore Teams workspace by clicking on this link. We expect all users to check Teams for Core related announcements. We also use Teams to directly communicate with our users. If you have any questions for us, please message Alyssa May and/or William (Boston) Morris. If you are an external user, please email Alyssa at to be added to the Teams page.

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Our available instrumentation and equipment for both self and full-service includes:

All instrumentation is in AZ E432 and E439.

Fabrication and Manufacturing: 

  1. Thermo Scientific MiniJet Pro Injection Molding System
  2. Thermo Scientific MiniLab 3 Micro Compounder
  3. Formech 450DT Thermoformer
  4. Laurell WS-650-23B Spin Coater
  5. Filabot EX2 Filament Extruder
  6. K40 Laser Cutter 

Mechanical Testing: 

  1. Instron 68TM-10 Mechanical Tester New!
  2. ADMET eXpert 4000 (tensile testing for very small samples)


  1. TA Instruments Discovery Hybrid Rheometer DHR20 New!
  2. TA Instruments ARES G1 Rheometer

Thermal Processing

  1. Carver Model C Manual Hydraulic Press
  2. Thermcraft XSB High Temp Box Furnace
  3. Carver 3891 Automatic Hydraulic Press

Size Exclusion Chromatography:

  1. Malvern SEC-RI (Organic, THF)
  2. Malvern SEC-RI (Polar, DMF and Aqueous)



Travis Bailey Director (970) 491-4648
Alyssa Winter May Assistant Director (Postdoctoral Fellow) (970) 491-5833
William (Boston) Morris Graduate Assistant

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

24/7 | Staffed Varied Hours

     E432/E439 Anatomy Zoology Building

     Colorado State University 

     Fort Collins, CO 80523



Name Role Phone Email Location
Travis Bailey
(970) 491-4648
322 Scott Bioengineering
Alyssa Winter May
Assistant Director (Postdoctoral Fellow)
(970) 491-5833
AZ E440
Boston Morris
Graduate Assistant
AZ E440