Overview of Services

The mission of SAMDCore is to enhance and accelerate collaboration, innovation, and outstanding achievement in materials research, education and scholarship through the provision of open-access shared research infrastructure, state-of-the-art research tools, training expertise, and the promotion of a discovery-minded culture. 

Our available instrumentation and equipment for both self and full-service includes:

Mechanical Testers: Instron 4442 | Tinius Olsen H1KS | ADMET eXpert 4000 

Rheometers: TA Instruments ARES G1

Thermal Processers: Formech 450DT Thermoformer | Carver 3891 Hydraulic Press

Grinders, Mixers, and Extruders: Across PQ-N04 Ball-Mill | Thermo Scientific MiniLab 3 | Filabot EX Filament Extruder

Size Exclusion Chromatography Systems: Malvern/Viscotek Organic SEC/GPC (RI) |

Textile Permeation/Penetration Testers: LabThink W3-062 WVTR Tester | TexText FX3000-IV HydroTester | AATCC Impact Penetration Tester



Travis Bailey Director (970) 491-4648

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

24/7 | Staffed Varied Hours

     E430/E432/E434/E438/E439 Anatomy Zoology Building

     Colorado State University 

     Fort Collins, CO 80523



Name Role Phone Email Location
Travis Bailey
(970) 491-4648
322 Scott Bioengineering
David Prawel
Associate Director

Boston Morris
Graduate Assistant